What Our Clients Say


“Thank you so much for the remarkable keynote presentation you delivered at Sport Clips’ 2014 National Huddle in Houston. The reaction from your presentation has been absolutely terrific! You really commanded the stage, and delivered a powerful, practical, and entertaining keynote for our audience of 1,200 Team Leaders, Area Developers, Managers, and corporate Team Members from all over the U.S. and Canada.”
-Sport Clips Haircuts

“I cannot thank you enough for the fantastic job you did on your keynote at our user conference. I know I told you this already but our customers and staff (especially our executive team) raved about you.
Halogen Software

“WOW! You sure exceeded my expectations! I was convinced that your keynote was not only going to be appropriate, but that you were going to do a good job as well. What we experienced, though, was the most well-prepared, well-researched keynote ever. You were fun and inspiring; your grasp of our history was remarkable. I believe you reinforced for many that Pioneer truly is a unique company and a good place to work.
-Pioneer College Caterers

“Your presentation (at our annual AAE conference) was very well received by our guests and members. The information in your speech and additional reference material you provided were both captivating and informative. Thanks! Awesome!”
-Memphis-Shelby County Airport Authority

“It’s always good to have a strong opening speaker, and that’s what you were!” Our members came away with something they could implement when they got home, which is huge! Below are several comments from evaluation forms we received:

  • Very well worth my time as an owner!
  • Richard uses great examples to illustrate his points.
  • This was the best speaker we’ve had in years.

-National Air Duct Cleaners Association

“Thank you for being an important part of the American Bankers Association’s 2009 State Association Staff Workshop in Austin, TX. Your closing keynote address was one of the highlights of the conference. Several attendees came up to me afterwards and told me that I did a great job in selecting you as a speaker.”
-American Bankers Association

“Thank you for the amazing presentation you gave during our recent Alaska State Society of Human Resource Management Conference. You made us look brilliant! Your presentation received the top rating by the attendees of the conference. This was no small feat, as there were other fantastic presentations by accomplished speakers at the conference.”
-Alaska State Society for HR Management

“You provided pertinent, actionable information that was right on target for our group. Your in-depth preparatory work to understand our corporation and our business model was a major key to your success with our group.”
-MDU Resources

“Here are comments that were written by some of the attendees of your session:
*Bring him back! The BEST class provided so far!
*Excellent presentation – a lot of useful information to implement.
*Great presentation!!
*Very effective seminar, good interaction.
*This was the reason I came here – he was a teacher!”
-American Lighting Association